Tue 11 Aug 2020 15:01

Jack Petchey Achievement Award

Achievement Award Scheme. The Jack Petchey Foundation gives grants to groups and projects that benefit young people aged between 11-25 years old through this scheme, whilst also recognising the achievements and contributions that young people make. For more information about the foundation click on the logo above, which will take you to their website.

There are 9 nominations per allocation, which are fairly rotated around the clubs that participate during the league. Clubs are encouraged to involve team members, club officials, coaches and parents in the nomination process. Nominees do not necessarily have to be chosen just because they are gifted or the best at netball, but they could be chosen because they are hard working, determined or an inspiration to their teammates.

In recognition of being chosen for the Jack Petchey Achievement Award, the nominee receives:

- A framed certificate
- A Jack Petchey Achievement Award pin
- £250 to go towards their club for items such as kit & equipment, training courses and trips to matches
- A boxed medallion, which will be presented at the JP Evening
For More information about the scheme visit the JP website