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Performance Pathway

Middlesex Netball County Academies

Satellite Academy is stage one of the EN pathway and provide training for athletes aged 11-13 years. Satellite Netball Associations manage and deliver the performance pathway academies on behalf of England Netball. England netball providing academies for athletes, to help progress to the next level of the Pathway, the County Academy.

County Academy is stage 2 of the EN pathway and provide training for athletes aged 12-15 years. County Netball Associations manage and deliver the performance pathway academies on behalf of England Netball. England netball Franshises provide academies for athletes looking to progress to the next stage through local hubs and National perfomace league squads. 

Congratulations to the following athletes from our WLJNL clubs who are part of the Middlsesx Academies for the 2019/20 season:

Kezia Angus - NBNC Flames
Mille Bailey - All stars
Julia Bevers - Grasshoppers
Nicole Edetanlen - NBNC flames
Amelia Dunlop - Academy
Morven Pearce - Academy
Lana Fazel - Academy
Isabel Jeffries - Grasshoppers
Ivy Melton - Allstars
Ionie Morris - Blaze
Dana Niama - Academy
Connie Reilly - NCNC Flames
Amelia Cohen - APSaints
Megan Elliot - APSaints
Ava Graney - APSaints
Tasha Hough - APSaints
Veronika Kachingwe - APSaints
Anna Mottram - APSaints
Masise Phillips - APSaints
Maggie Ferguston - APSaints

Sofia Bevers - Grasshoppers
Khaiai Campbell - Grasshoppers
Tia Cooke - Academy
Sephera Forrester - Academy
Isobel Grimes - NBNC Flames
Izabella Habdank - Allstars
Francesca Macbeth - Academy
Ariana Mellor - NBNC Flames
Francesca Newbold - Academy
Naomi Nnatu - NBNC Flames
Genevieve Pearce - Academy
Poppy Peters - APsaints
Jemima Twinning - APSaints
Jess Wynne-Hughes - Academy

London SE is made up of four counties. If your club is not within the Middlesex county. Please follow the links below to find out more about the U13/U15 academies in your county. 

VNSL Franshies 

We are luckly to have three VNSL franshies located within or near to the London South East region.

Purpose of Hubs

The Hubs widen oppounity for young athlete aged 15 to 19 working up the pathway, where they can continue to track and coach athletes who are potentially future  NPL Athletes. The Hub sessions provide athletes with localised training session and a Hub league as well as the oppounity to represents.

Additional oppounties: In 2019, England Netball introduced the U15 Netball Performance Competition to aid in developing appropriate skills and experience both on and off the court to help young players adapt to a high performance environment. The inaugural competition saw Vitality Netball Superleague franchises and invited teams from across the country take part as the best young players that the United Kingdom has to offer played 33 games of top-class netball at Wolverhampton University. England Netball joined up with the Youth Sport Trust (YST) to work on the new programme, helping to prepare the next generation of elite athletes. Supported by Sport England Lottery Funding, a plethora of educational workshops were held in between all the on-court activity. The competition is streamed on the England Netball YouTube channel

U17 NPL tournament - Read below. 

Purpose of NPL

The U21 & U19 Netball Performance League (NPL) consists of Nine English Vitality Netball Superleague franchises taking part in the competition. Its aim is to provide the game’s outstanding youth players with a performance environment and to organise for them regular, highly disciplined and intense competition. The competition will be a league competition in a single round robin format.

The NPL Tournament in an annual competition for the most talented young netball players in the UK. The tournament has an Under 17, Under 19 and Under 21 competition and includes the teams from the Vitality Netball Superleague franchises, home nations and other high performance programmes.

Additional oppounties: NPL Coaches can put forward athletes forward for the roses academy, if selcted athletes will attend regular training and have the oppounity to represent thier country at the U19/U21 Netball Europes, Test series and Netball youth world cup.